Taylor Swift Thinks Men With Sisters Make Better Boyfriends. Really?

15 April 2014 by


If your boyfriend has a sister, chances are Taylor Swift is after him. Well, probably not. But a lady sibling is something that she’s allegedly added to her latest list of requirements for her next song subject love interest. She says that a man who has grown up alongside a woman will make him a better boyfriend.

To an extent, we’re in agreement: a man who is proficient in unexpected, hormonal fits of tears and patiently waits that extra half an hour while we take our make-up off and start all over again - because, goddammit, happened to my eyeliner today? - can't be all bad.

But, heads up Swifty, a man with a sister cannot a dreamboat be, at least according to a recent study. The research, published by academics at Stanford Business School and Loyola Marymount University, found men with sisters are more likely to have dated views on gender stereotypes. In the home, they’ll be less likely to do the washing-up or get the hoover out, expecting his other half to do most of the menial household jobs.

Doesn’t look quite so attractive now, eh Tay? Still, at least if she gets ‘The Guy’ on her list soon (other requirements include ‘gets on well with his parents, especially his mum’, ‘leading-man hot’ and ‘speaks two languages’) we’re guaranteed another catchy tune (about sexism?) by Christmas.


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