So, Is There A Right Way To Ask For A Pay Rise?

18 March 2014 by

We’ve all been there. You’ve been offered a brilliant job but the salary doesn’t reflect your expertise. So you ask for more money which, let’s face it, is nerve-racking. But they can only say no, right?

Wrong. A story has come out of the US of a female academic who was offered a job – only to have it rescinded when she asked for a pay rise. Shocking. So is there a right way of asking for a pay rise when you’re a woman?

“Women tend to approach negotiation in terms of how they will benefit personally but the golden rule is to make your request about how the company will benefit,” says business psychologist Ros Taylor. “Women may also worry about appearing confrontational so they hide behind email but this can cause misunderstanding. Pick up the phone or schedule a FaceTime chat.”

So let’s fine tune our negotiating ladies and help close that pay gap.


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