Should We Be Switching Off And Looking Up?

13 May 2014 by

Over the past few years we’ve seen several pieces of research suggesting that depression, loneliness, anxiety or at the very least, FOMO (fear of missing out) IT’S ALL SOCIAL MEDIA'S FAULT!

So it goes without saying that you’ve probably seen, or at least heard of ‘Look Up’ a YouTube video which has been, somewhat ironically, trending across social media sites racking up over 36 million views within just a few weeks. 

In case you missed it, the video is a spoken word film attempting to teach our generation about the perils of our obsession with technology. Wrapped up in a love story and powerful (but sometimes a bit preachy!) narrative, the message is clear – if you stop spending so much time in front of a screen and interact with actual humans, loneliness will be a thing of the past. Hurray, problem solved!

Hmmm…is it really that simple? Underneath the video the first comment reads “just deactivated my Facebook account because of this and now I feel free”. As liberating as it might feel to have a social media and technology cull, we're not sure that cutting ourselves out of the mix will actually make us feel more connected.

In fact, just this week, The University of Queensland's School of Psychology, actually found that it just took two days of being absent from social media to start feeling lonely and isolated. And we can kind of see why. Yes, we know we need to have some screen down time, but we have to admit, we’d miss those boring relationship updates, irritating selfies (and you) if they weren't there.

So what do you think, would we really be less lonely if we switched off? Or would turning our back on social media back-fire in a spectacular fashion? Over to you…


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