5 Reasons To Look Forward To The End Of Summer

26 August 2014 by


Ah, English Summer. We look forward to it all year; we spend oodles on a new wardrobe just to celebrate it - yet secretly, we can't actually wait until it's over. Here are 5 reasons why...
1. The end of outfit shaming- No longer will you feel the type of humiliation only felt when you rock up to work in your best summer chic ensemble only to feel both freezing and naked as you have to beg, steal and borrow a brolly to trudge home with. Weather apps LIE!
2. Pedicure panic - What is normally reserved for parties and dates is an everyday concern during summer. Thoughts of toe waxing and pummeling your heels can do one as your tootsies are comfortably covered in autumn's finest ankle boots.
3. Wedding season is OVER! All that remains after a 1-wedding-per-weekend summer is a skint, knackered shadow of your former self (and a handbag filled with favours).
4. 'Summer body' food -Salads and soy is replaced with stews and stodgy home cooked deliciousness. Welcome back carbs, welcome back.
5. Lazy weekends - For the whole of summer you have felt it was your duty to respond to weekends reaching anything over than 16 degrees by being out enjoying it. Even if that does mean crushing yourself into a 5 deep queue at your local. But the end of summer means that binge watching box sets and staying in to watch The X FACTOR until Christmas is totally acceptable. Hurray!


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