GRAZIAGRAM: Meet Kim Kardashian’s Bum Chum

06 January 2014 by

Bum Chums [Instagram]

In a different millennia, in the all-important world of celebrity derrieres, it was the buttocks of one Ms Kylie Minogue and of course a certain Jenny from the Block that reigned supreme. But today, anyone with any working knowledge of social media will be aware that it is Kim Kardashian’s fine tush that rules A-list buttock-ville.
But hang on, who is this equally even-more-so-ample-buttocked creature who has popped up on Kimmy K’s Instagram feed? Why this is Kim’s new Bum Chum of course! *picks self-off floor from side-splitting hooting at own joke *.
No longer content with NBFs and BFFs, the celebrity appendage of 2014 is a Bum Chum: a kindred spirit who enjoys working out, wearing tight lycra and posing at a sideways jaunt to display one’s bottom at it’s finest selfie form.

Graziagram: Meet Kim Kardashian’s Bum Chum

World, meet Blac Chyna [Instagram]

Kim’s Bum Chum is an interestingly named lady - a former stripper turned ‘urban’ model called Blac Chyna. She first appeared in Kim’s social media a few months ago and the pair have been joined at the hip ever since posting snaps of each other and their bott botts. So, you heard it here first folks, the Bum Chum is gonna be BIG in 2014. Go on, Rihanna, show us yours.



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