01 April 2014

Is The 'Hook Up Truck' The Worst Thing To Happen To Dating EVER?

Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. And now girl can get down and dirty with said boy within minutes if she wants thanks to the most depressing thing to arrive on the dating scene ever... the ‘Hook-up Truck’.

Designed by conceptual artist Spy Emerson, on the outside it looks like a normal delivery truck. But on the inside it’s kitted out with a special ‘chamber’ including mood lighting, minimal furniture and temperature control. Oh, and complimentary condoms and a ‘camera ready option’. Gross.

Thankfully it’s only launched in the US so far (we’re SO hoping it doesn’t arrive over here), where it costs around £45 for a 30 minute slot. And customers don’t need to worry about going over traffic bumps in a vital moment – the truck stays parked during each tryst.

‘Lots of people are coming in… from people with roommates and no privacy to business people who need the truck on their lunch break’, says Emerson. Hmmm, think we’ll give it a miss thanks.

By Louisa Pritchard


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Spy Emerson (Wed Apr 02 03:45:05 BST 2014): awwww, poor Louisa Pritchard needs to lighten up. Maybe a good bang in the truck would help her out!
Erin Hanson (Wed Apr 02 03:58:46 BST 2014): Sounds like a total adventure to me. I'm in!!
Anton Berteaux (Wed Apr 02 05:10:48 BST 2014): Awesome! And it's April 1st, too. But then maybe it's a different day in Britain...
Greg Earl (Wed Apr 02 05:26:02 BST 2014): sounds like Louisa needs to lighten up
Spy Emerson (Wed Apr 02 05:49:00 BST 2014): ya, and put one of the Hook-Up Truck's photo in place of that stinky stock pic.
Kat Green (Wed Apr 02 13:40:55 BST 2014): I love how worked up people are getting. I kind of think the public response is an installation of its own. Well done, ma'am.
Gooby Herms (Wed Apr 02 16:30:09 BST 2014): I remember finding out how many people were hooking up in the freight elevator at my old work! I was there for eleven years and I had NO IDEA! But it was a good idea, cuz you could stop it in between floors, and while it was in between, nobody could open any of the doors, or call for it! Quick privacy in the office!
NoMe Edonna (Wed Apr 02 23:20:25 BST 2014): Sometimes 'bad press' is even better!
Kitty Stryker (Tue May 20 18:56:42 BST 2014): Wait... I'm confused. Doesn't the UK have a particularly lively dogging scene? Isn't that sex in a car?