Is It Really Cheaper When You're In A Relationship? We're Not So Sure...

07 March 2014

There are many perks to being single. A duvet to yourself. Eating Cornflakes for dinner with no judgement. Tinder. But saving money has never stood out as an obvious one. Yet a new survey claims thatthose in couples splash out more cash than singletons. According to the research each half of a couple spends £1,536 more a year on things like insurance, rent, bills and food shopping.

Hmmm, really? We smell a rat here. OK, so all those cosy nights in cooking each other dinner might rack up the weekly grocery bills, and if there's two of you you'll obviously be using more hot water.

But to tell us that it's more expensive to be in a couple than be single? Come off it.  
What about all the taxies home with no-one to split them with, birthday presents, that new sofa that you have to stump up for ALL BY YOURSELF…. In fact, another survey estimates that single people spend £250,000 more over the course of a lifetime.

The biggest blow is holidays. If you jet off alone, not only do you have no-one to rub factor 30 into your back, but you’ll be whacked with a massive single supplement for the privilege. And weddings. Unless you fancy sharing a room with the bride’s second cousin removed, you’ll need to shell out for a hotel room on your own – and stump up all the cash for a present.

And let’s not get started on the M&S Dine In for £10 deal – the couple’s Friday night utopia, in which duos load their baskets with whole roast chickens and melting middle chocolate puds while muttering about 'amazing value'. This isn't just a relationship, it's a money saving relationship etc.

So, being single. Fun, yes. Cheap? Not really. Although there is one thing that I won't have to splash out on anytime soon. Apparently the average cost of a wedding is now £18,000. Ouch.


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