Is 'Conscious Uncoupling' The Way Forward?

26 March 2014 by

News that Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin are going through a process of ‘conscious uncoupling’ has been met with a series of rolled eyes - trust Gwynnie to rebrand one of the life’s most painful experiences. For us it’s a break up, for her it’s a New Age journey.

But delve a bit deeper and it appears that there is more to this than just another Goopy Gwynism and 'conscious uncoupling' is actually a thing. The theory goes  that as we live longer we need a total rethink of monogamy and how long should we realistically be expected to stay married to one person? A  kind of 'natural divorce' phenomenon if you will.

Apparently the method of 'conscious uncoupling' can be traced back to one woman, Katherine Woodward Thomas, who developed it in 2010 – and with it a whole pre-divorce therapy movement too. Follow her five week course (and buy her book which apparently she is busy penning now, great timing Katherine!) and you too can have a 'happy split'.

So, yes while there's no doubt conscious uncoupling has many prescient things to say on modern marriage - no-one expects you to stay in the same job for life now, so the question is, why would you stay with the same man? But as for a completely  civilised  divorce? Well, let's see how 'happy' everyone feels a year or so in hey?


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