GRAZIAGRAM: What’s Your Weight Barometer?

17 January 2014


It might be tucked away, in a box of its own at the back of the wardrobe gathering dust, but we’ve all got one - and we know, consciously or not, regardless of how many months or years it’s been since we saw it in the flesh, that it’s there. Waiting. Taunting.

Presenter Carol Vorderman this week revealed her 'trying-on trousers', also known as a 'weight barometer': that one item of clothing, perhaps purchased with vigour and hope in at least one size smaller than your own in a sale five years ago. Or the pair of jeans/LBD/tutu you looked so hot in ten years ago, that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out.

One day, you say - one day I shall fit into them again and that day will be wonderful: because even when I look like a 90s throwback in a dress so ugly it hurts, I’ll know. What’s yours?


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