GRAZIAGRAM: 5 Things To Know Before Getting A White Tattoo

10 January 2014 by

Been dying to get in on the tattoo trend but can’t quite commit to Cara Delevingne style ink? Then make like supermodel Bar Rafaeli and treat yourself to a white tattoo. 

Should You Get A White Tattoo? Should You Get A White Tattoo?

[Bar Rafaeli Instagram]

Just this week Rafaeli instagrammed a snap of her perma-tanned wrist complete with a freshly etched ‘white’ butterfly design, which despite looking a little sore at the moment will turn pure white once healed. Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Ellie Goulding are also fans of this much more subtle take on body ink.

Now, don't be fooled by its oh-so-delicate appearance; this type of tattoo is actually more painful to have done than a traditional tattoo - a thicker, paler ink is the secret to its subtly. Intrigued? Read on to discover the five things you need to know before considering getting a white tattoo...

1. White tattoos are drawn making use of hardly visible UV white ink so achieving a subtle lace-like effect which looks like it could be part of your skin itself.

2. White tattoos are a very precise art with no margin for error. If done poorly, white tattoos can look terrible and leave unsightly marks forever because  If pigments mix with the bloodstream then there is a chance of the color traveling to other parts of the skin.
3. Do your research by reading reviews and talking to people who have had a white tattoo done and pick out an artist who specializes in them, even if it costs you more.   
4. Don’t place white tattoo designs on areas of your body that receive a lot of sunlight. The ink is prone to fading.
5. Scarring can be a side effect of white tattooing as the tattoo artist is forced to overwork the skin with the needle.



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