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GRAZIAGRAM: 'Girls' Star Allison Williams Says She Wants A Career She Can Ditch For Motherhood… Do you?

Allison Williams seems to have it all worked out. Yesterday, in a recent interview, she said that she’s striving to “create a career I can walk away from and become a mom.” She continued, “I’d love to be a mom – and not have to bring my kids into my trailer… Or a balance [of both]. But you’ve [got to] call it on the fly to a certain extent.”

It’s a bold statement in times of the strident can-she-will-she-have-it-all mentality. So many women are pushing hard to keep their careers together post-children, only to be held back by a system that doesn’t exactly support them. We’re all being told to ‘lean in’, to push for better provisions for working mother, to work towards eradicating the social stigmas that hold so many women back in the office and to help them achieve the work/life balance that Allison says she’s just not interested in.

And it’s not always as simple as ‘one or the other’, as Lily Allen found. She famously quit work to tend to her two children, in 2009, only to find it was “boring”. Needless to say, she was back in the limelight just over three years later. So, who is right? Should women have to choose between work or their personal lives? And, more importantly, do we really want to? Over to you…



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Sophie Holt (Tue Feb 11 14:57:26 GMT 2014): I recently quit my job to look after my twin girls after 7 and a half years of working up the ranks of retail the pressure of keeping work and home life in a happy balance proved to cause too much stress, one had to give and it was the career, and I'm happy to say I don't miss it!
Iona Stirling-Herbert (Tue Feb 11 15:08:12 GMT 2014): I don't think there is one 'right' view on this, nor should we try to impose one. I know many people for whom being a full time mum is totally fullfilling, I know others who couldn't wait for maternity leave to be over! As a mum of one and having been back at work part time for 6 months now, I believe that a mix of work AND motherhood is best for me and my child. However I can say this because I'm very lucky that my employers are very flexible and supportive of working parents (both male and female). That is definitely not the case for all my friends who are working parents. I love my little boy more than anything and if I had to and believed it was best for him, I would give up working. However, I believe I am a better and happier mummy because I have a mix of work and home and I think my child has benefitted enormously from the stimulation and social interaction nursery has given him. BUT chilcare costs are exorbitant and it often leaves mothers who want to return to work unable to do so. Most of my wages are spent on covering childcare costs and my child isn't even in nursery full-time. So it doesn't have to be 'one or the other' but the 'system' often makes it too difficult for it to be 'both'.
Cat Cat (Tue Feb 11 15:10:22 GMT 2014): The thing with jobs these days, it's not always guaranteed as a job for life. As with motherhood, it's a role that you are guaranteed to have. So think about what happens if you are suddenly out of a job and spending at least 8-12 months finding another, your in a situation where you know you want the career, but the career may not be a guaranteed, where as the role of motherhood is; It's there, and you can plan everything within this.
Sonia Derbyshire (Tue Feb 11 15:21:43 GMT 2014): No I don't want to ditch my career There is also the issue of women who cannot have children , those of us who choose to be child free Whilst I can understand the issues raised do you not also need to look into the workforce who are discriminated against for being child free for whatever reason . Try working in a situation where you are in the child free minority and have to work longer and harder , fill in the gaps left by working mothers - in late , off early , holidays etc A friend of mine recently had to care for her elderly mother - through chemotherapy but did she get any support from the working mothers - none Same relationship , same dependency level but pure selfish attitudes You want to work ? On the same pay etc Then do the same hours and give the same commitments We are all human beings , so stop giving those of us either unable to have children or who choose not to have them a raw deal
Polly Wiseman (Wed Feb 12 10:27:13 GMT 2014): If you choose a career on the grounds you can ditch it to be a full-time Mum, then surely it's not a career: it's a hobby.