GRAZIAGRAM: Banter Bashing: When Will ‘Lad’ Culture Clear Off Campus?

21 February 2014 by


Keep calm and f*ck a fresher”, “Shag more student sluts”. A student newspaper publishing the amount of calories stripping a girl naked without her consent would burn – for students, this is the level of ‘humour’ we’re working at. Except, it’s not very funny is it? And for women studying at our universities today, it’s a tiresome reality. When did ‘banter’ get so sinister?

That’s what the NUS and an army of leading, feminist campaigners are aimed to bring to the forefront of Britain’s national discourse last week. At a landmark summit on Friday, Laura Bates, founder of the influential Everyday Sexism campaign joined forces with the students’ union, No More Page 3’s Lucy Holmes and the feminist website The F Word amongst others to finally tackle lad culture on campus. It really couldn't have come soon enough.

Because right now, for women studying at uni, it’s a minefield. Repeatedly hearing rape jokes, being rated by leering boys on “Ratemash” style websites and catcalled at every opportunity is not only degrading in the short term for women at the very start of the road to success, but it could seriously hold them back in the future.

Laura Bates speaks to students about the ongoing problem of LAD culture at university

Which is where Laura Bates and co are stepping in – to give women a voice and a develop the next step – recruiting a National Strategy Team - on the road to banishing the “boys club” from campus’s all over the country for good.

So in the name of feminism real banter and Beyonce, get involved - now. Who run the world? Girls. Let's make it that way.



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