GRAZIAGRAM: 5 Things To Do In January When You've Got No Money

24 January 2014 by

OMG, we have never been so poor. If like us you are spending the last weekend of January trying to make three slices of bread last two days after spending all but the last 50p of your wages here’s five free things to keep you occupied this weekend.

1. Watch a new TV series.

Presuming things haven’t got so desperate that you’ve had to cancel your Netflix account, use this weekend to watch something new. At least you’ll have something to talk about on Monday.

2. Play Ready, Steady, Cook.

Collect together all the things you have in your cupboards and fridge – challenge yourself to make a dish out of them. Cream of Tomato Soup Soufflé anyone?

3. Write Your Christmas Thank You Cards.

Oh come on, we know you still haven’t done them…

4. Clear out your wardrobe.

If you stick some of your outcasts on eBay you’ll go some way to NEVER BEING THIS POOR AGAIN.

5. If all else fails – go to your Mums.

Parents, they’ve always got food in the cupboard no matter what time of the month it is.



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