GRAZIAGRAM: The School Of Britney Spears

14 January 2014

GRAZIAGRAM: 15 Years Of Britney Spears

[Britney Spears Instagram]

Here’s something that’s going to make you feel old: it's been 15 years since Baby One More Time came into our lives. That’s right, FIF-TEEN. Ouch. 'I can't believe it's been 15 yrs since 'Baby One More Time' came out!,' Britney Spears squealed on Instagram this week. 'It's because of u that I'm able to do what I love! Xo!' Aw, bless our Britters. To celebrate the anniversary, here’s five things the legendary popstrel has taught us… 

1. Dancing with a snake is cool AND sexy

Remember the I’m A Slave For You video where Britney was being all sexy with a snake? Yeah you do.

2. Kissing Madonna is good for your career

Er, sorry Miley but you weren’t the first one to cause a bit of VMA controversy. When Madonna and Britney kissed onstage at the 2003 MTV VMAs everyone stopped to stare – including us, natch.

3. You can have a break down and bounce back

On a serious note, Britney’s 2007 break down in which she shaved all of her hair off and attacked a paparazzi with an umbrella served to remind us of the pitfalls of being too famous, too young. Thankfully after a few years rehabilitation Britney is fully back on track and has just started her Vegas residency. Go Brit!

4. Justin Timberlake is not impossible to get over

Britney and Justin broke our hearts when they split in 2002. But Britney moved on, in fact she’s been married twice - to former dancer Kevin Federline from late 2004 to 2007, and to her old school friend Jason Alexander for 55 days at the beginning of 2004. The less said on that one the better…

5. Crossroads is a great film

Well, we couldn’t talk about Britney without talking about Crossroads. #amazing.



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