04 March 2014 by

GRAZIAGRAM: 10 Problems Only Short People (Like Me) Understand

Ellen Degeneres / Twitter

Oscars night must have been a whirlwind of emotions for Liza Minelli. The 5ft3 legend thought she'd bagged a spot in Ellen Degeneres' celebrity selfie aka The Social Media Event Of 2014, but was too short to be seen through the crowd of mega-stars in front of her. Poor Liza. As a 5ft2 lady myself I feel her pain. Here are 10 problems only short people understand...

1. The hand rails on tubes are too high to reach. Fact.
2. And you often end up face first in other commuters' armpits
3. You only take selfies with friends if they're doing the awkward squatting thing
4. Or you have to wear staggeringly high heels to even things out
5. You roll-up your jeans and you don't live in Dalston
6. And one day you'd like to wear a pair of high-top sneakers without looking stumpy. Just once.
7. 'Oh, it's okay I don't need to see the gig anyway…'
8. You get mistaken for the work experience in the office
9. And you're bored of getting called cute/adorable
10. 'I can't find Kate?!' *Looks down…*



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