Ex-iquette: 5 Rules For Staying Friends With Your Ex

08 April 2014 by


When Miranda Kerr revealed this week that she and her ex – Orlando Bloom – ‘couldn’t be happier’ following their spilt last year, we ‘couldn’t have been more cynical’. Miranda gushed ‘I’m lucky to have him in my life’ revealing ‘there’s a deep love between us’. It all sounds very Love Actually, but does it ever work in real life? Here’s five ex-iquette rules if you want to give it a try...

1. Absolutely no drunk-dialling, emailing, Facebook-ing or dangerous contact of any sort. Sending 3am pictures of your boobs does not a friendship make.

2. Ditto for ex-sex. You don’t need telling that going over to his for a frantic quickie is going to pop your friendship fantasy bubble quicker than you can say ‘move on’.

3. Don’t get judgey when, a month later, he’s taking selfies with his new flame. She may not be as fit/funny/good at making spag bol as you, but he likes her. As his bestie, you should look for the good in her too.

4. And when it comes to new partners,don’t get offended when they see you as a threat. You might think it’s perfectly cool to hang with your ex all weekend, but his new girlfriend is probably entitled to have a problem with that.

5. Be honest about why you want to be friends – is it really because he’s your ‘best mate’ and you’ve ‘got that joint gym membership now’, or because you’re holding out for a relationship reunion? Either way, stop kidding yourself. You split up for a reason, remember?



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