Do You Suffer From Gymtimidation?

22 April 2014 by

People you meet at the gym: The girl in Body Combat class who doesn’t sweat. The guy who is able to maintain a super-human sprint for at least forty minutes - on an incline and always on the treadmill next to yours. The women wearing matching Lulu Lemon whose steely bums don’t wobble an inch as they reach their 300th floor on the stepper. The unbearably Hot (and naked) Girls in the changing rooms rolling their eyes at each other as you battle to pull up your knickers with one hand and manoeuvre a precariously placed towel with the other. If you’ve ever noticed - or avoided - these fitness folk, then you too have felt it: Gymtimidation.

And as we all drag ourselves back to the gym floor following a weekend of existing on a sugar-based diet, we’re feeling it more than ever. In fact, according to a recent survey by Bodybuilding Warehouse, women are thought to feel intimidated at the gym twice as much as men - with 44 per cent of us feeling fearful of the weights room and 97 per cent too anxious to walk about a changing room  in the buff.

The only good news? We all feel it. And, probably, everyone in that Sunday pilates class you swear you’re never going to again has felt it at some point too. So give yourself a break and get back in the pool. Or, at the very least, choose a gym (like Virgin Active) that’s a) big enough you can disappear a bit and b) provides dressing gowns so you’ll never struggle with your knicks again.



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