GRAZIAGRAM: 8 Signs You’re A January Cliché

07 January 2014 by


1. After (drunkenly) buying 12 pairs of shoes in the Boxing Day sales, you return them all because you're POORER THAN YOU HAVE EVER BEEN.

2. You plan out healthy meals meticulously then accidently leave them in the fridge at home. Pret-A-Manager it is then! Oops.

3. Despite vowing to go the gym every day, the most exercise you’ve had is walking up the escalator… once. Okay, you walked half of it.

4. You vowed to do Dry January but on the 4th, you somehow woke up with a hangover.

5. You’re confused as to why shops have already started selling Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, but you buy two anyway.

6. You’re secretly happy that Celebrity Big Brother is on because it gives you an excuse not to go outside. Why isn’t it summer yet?

7. This is the year you’re going to get a new job, obvs. So you update your Linked In, spruce up your CV, then wait for the job offers to role in. Err, hello?

8. It’s 6th January and you’ve already forgotten your resolutions. Something about eating more or drinking more or… something.


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