7 Signs You’re Stuck In A ‘Groundhog Day’ Rut

21 March 2014 by

When we read new research this week that 75% of us are stuck in a rut, a never-changing cycle of habits that we just can’t shake, we nodded our heads in recognition. The Clipper Teas survey found that we stick to everything from the same breakfast to the same hair colour. Guilty! Here are seven signs that you are, too.

1. You haven’t seen one of those hair colour charts they have at the hairdresser’s in ages. You know, the ones with the little locks of hair? Once a Honey Blonde, always a Honey Blonde.

2. You have a special spot at the train station platform. Just to the left of the Freya lingerie billboard on the opposite wall. Because when the train arrives that’s where the doors will open.

3. Your boyfriend brings you tea that’s not in your favourite Llechwedd Slate Caverns mug. Back to the kitchen he goes.

4. It’s lunchtime and you vow to explore new options. Heck, maybe you’ll try a quinoa salad! However, once in Pret, the lure of the crayfish and rocket sandwich proves too much. Again.

5. Yes, you’ve seen every single episode of Friends and yes, there are a zillion other things on telly - but they’re just really good, aren’t they?

6. There are 25 lipsticks in your make-up bag, each a slightly different shade of bubblegum pink. Just in case.

7. After reading this, you’re going to see what’s happening on Twitter then make a cup of tea. Because that’s what you always do, right?


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