5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Running A Marathon...

11 April 2014 by


With the London Marathon taking place this weekend, Emily Maddick – Grazia's resident marathon runner – reveals 5 facts they might not have told you…...
1. You will pee in public, maybe even with your knickers and lycras still on

Getting this fact out the way first ladies, for up until the very moment you start running, you are in denial about these rumours. ‘Ewwww, no way!’ has been your response upon hearing such lurid urban myths. But trust me. Once you get into it, see the queues for the porter loos; see the hundreds of other lady squatters, public urination will be as normal as necking a Lucozade Sport.
2. You will cry. 

So while on the subject of releasing water, tears of every kind will overwhelm you. And at times you least expect it: frustration, joy, ecstasy, euphoria, life-altering epiphanies, self-loathing, near-suicidal thoughts, the tears...oh boy will they come.
3. Forget pedicures for the rest of 2014 and don’t even think about buying an open-toe sandal or flip flop this summer. 

‘I really missed my toe-nails,’ said one marathon-running Grazia editor. And so did I. Although it was only the one, but still, nine painted and perfectly polished pinkies ain’t the same as ten now is it?.
4. You will wish you had smaller, or even no, boobs at all. 

And for that matter, no nipples. Oh, the chafing. The boob pain. The rashes. Lube up and strap up is all I can warn. And when volunteers proffer sweaty-handed lollops of Vaseline at you from the crowd, take it.
5. It will change your life. Forever. 

And hopefully the lives of others through your chosen charity. Even if you do a crap time. Even if you find yourself straggling with the Honey Monster or even that dude who does it in a week wearing a Deep Sea Diving Suit, no matter what it takes you to cross the finish line, you can for the rest of your life call yourself a Marathon runner. And that, my friends is pretty cool.

Good luck!


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