The Married to Chanel manicure

05 November 2010

Here at Grazia Daily Nail, we're always looking for new ways to spice up our nail life. Step forward the lovely Alison Yau who we spotted sporting an amazing Chanel manicure. We asked her how she did it. Take it away, Alison!

What do you get when you cross a love of all things Chanel with a nailphile? This is something I like to call the "Married to Chanel" manicure...

After seeing WAH nails' amazing creations (especially all those super cool Chanel ones) I came up with this relatively easy peasy one based on some Chanel ballet flats. This can take a bit of time so it's best to do it on a free evening sat in front of the telly.

After applying a base coat take your favourite nude/beige polish and apply two coats to achieve an opaque look (I used Revlon's Gray Suede). Add on a thin layer of top coat and let it all dry completely. It's really important to make sure that your base colour is totally dry before doing the tips as removing the stickers before the polish has had a chance to dry can ruin it.

Next take some French tip guides (I used Nailene's Perfect French Tip Guides) and stick them onto each nail leaving a half centimetre space and using a black polish, paint your tips. Once the tips are done add on another topcoat, thicker this time, and leave your ring fingers (or whatever nail you want the Chanel logo to be on) last.

For the Chanel logo you can either paint it on using a nail art pen (this might actually be easier in the long run!) or do what I did which is to buy some decals on eBay. The hard thing about using the decals is that they are less like stickers and more like sequins, eg. thick and flat. This is particularly tricky as nails are curved and you will need to use tweezers to hold the decals down in place until you're more or less sure that they've stuck to the topcoat. Again, add on another layer of topcoat to seal the decal over the top and voila, the married to Chanel manicure!

Next on my hitlist... Vuitton and Mulberry!

- Alison Yau



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