Secrets from the pro manicurist's lips!

03 September 2010

As a pro manicurist, the most-asked nail question ever is how to strengthen weak nails that don’t seem to grow. Well this year I discovered that the only thing that truly works for helping in this plight is Imedeen Hair & Nail Supplement!  My nails, not to mention my hair! have never been so long and strong, so a worthy investment (and Mavala products get the thumbs up too).

The second most asked question has to be -  how to get varnish to stay on for as long as possible? Well it’s all in the preparation and now everyone can do it like a pro with my AFNB Nail Prep.

Question 3 -  does the amount you pay for varnish denote a superior product? Sadly I think not, in years of using EVERY varnish known to womankind, I think the extra ££'s is for the name and packaging however I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle!

Finally I get lots enquiries re; Celebs as in 'Are they that nice, bad, pretty, fat, thin?" however my lips remain sealed! Talking of 'Celebland '- I’m working with a fantastically funny and fab' British TV actress this week on her first beauty ad' campaign - hope to reveal her identity soon!



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