2013 Primavera Sound Porto Festival: 5 Things I Learned About Festival Fashion

03 June 2013 by

2013 Primavera Sound Porto Festival: 5 Things I Learned About Festival Fashion

Does anyone do Transitioning better than Portuguese? I only ask because I spent last weekend at Optimus Primavera, the newish sister festival to Barcelona’s monolith, which took place last weekend on the outskirts of Portugal’s second biggest city, Porto (a city ordinarily famous for its port, fish and fierce Atlantic winds) and looking around, no, I don't think they do.

First some background: the weather in Porto is pretty rarified. Level with Genoa, it’s battered and enriched by a strong westerly wind which means the days are hot and fresh, but the nights cool to bitter. And since Optimus ran from 6pm to 4am festival fashion is a minefield. Portguese women are fit, so they lend themselves well to North Face. I’m not, so I spent day one dressed like my godson.

One look had the dual effect of ensuring its wearer was warm and hip from am to pm, while not involving a floral headband. Primavera-approved Transitioning. Strong.

It involves:

1. Micro-Shorts

2. Practical Footwear

3. Something Leather

4. A Tan

1. Bleached denim makes sophisticated daywear when worn with a posh bag

Debora, fashion student, Paris

Trainers: Nike Blazers

Cut-offs: Zara

Jumper: vintage

Bag: Steve Madden


2. Dr Marten’s are an excellent idea at 2.40am when someone’s poured Douro on your feet

Camilla, aspiring singer and ‘crazy Blur fan’, Porto

Boots: Doc Martens

Shorts: H&M

t-shirt: Zara

sunglasses: Zara


3  Leather shorts and a plaid shirt are the acceptable face of Grunge

Francisca, student, Porto

Trainers: Nike

Leather shorts: H&M

Top: Primark

Plaid shirt: vintage


4. Being a. a model and b. a model with a tan is a winning combo

Deboiza, model, Lisbon

Trainers: Italian sportswear

Shorts: Zara

Top: Zara

Jacket: Languard


5. Micro shorts are decidedly hip if teamed with Nike Blazers


Polly, writer, London

Trainers: Nike Blazer

Vest: COS

Shorts: Topshop

To surmise: Porto. The Capital de Transição.


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