The New Year Is Looming And Here At Grazia Towers It’s Resolution Time: FASHION VICTIM

21 December 2012

Grazia's Fashion Director Susannah Frankel brings you her fashionable thoughts each and every week... 

The New Year Is Looming And Here At Grazia Towers It’s Resolution Time: FASHION VICTIM The New Year Is Looming And Here At Grazia Towers It’s Resolution Time: FASHION VICTIM

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It’s safe to say that we’re not exactly hardcore. One member of the fashion team has resolved to exercise once a week, for example. “Do you like the realism?” she asks. And it is indeed highly commendable, much more so than anything radical like joining the gym, say. Altogether now: “What a waste of money…”

And here’s another one: “To have more holidays.” A focus on laziness, then? No. “Quality of life” apparently.

I have a few of my own good intentions to share and it’s safe to say that none have anything whatsoever to do with physical activity. Effort of any kind is nothing short of uncouth in January and by February, safe in the knowledge that it pays to have a short attention span if fashion is your specialist subject, I’ll have forgotten about all of this anyway.

Or maybe not…

1)   I will buy no more jeans. I own more than thirty pairs now. Two thirds of them are blue (different shades, level of distress, from boyfriend to skinny), the final third black (all skinny apart from a pair so huge they stand up on their own - great). While it’s true that I wear them every day, there are limits…

2)   I will use less exclamation marks when I write. A well-educated friend says that all good writers can exclaim via nuance as opposed to merely shoving one, two, or three of these admittedly quite irritating punctuation marks at the end of a sentence. Ditto: capital letters.

3)   I will eat more healthily and more regularly. I will have no Haribos in my house and no bad chocolate. Not even a Curly Wurly. Or a Doubledecker.

4)   I will watch less TV. I will watch art documentaries and art house films. I will not watch Reality TV and if I do I promise not to tweet obsessively about it.

5)   I will introduce more colour (or just some colour) into my wardrobe. I will. Really. I will wear a blue coat and maybe even some pink shoes. Oh, alright then, lose the pink shoes.

6)   I will make time to read more. Not newspapers and magazines but books, real ones, on my Kindle with its unglamorous cover and up-periscope light because it reminds me of reading in bed with a torch when I was 10 and I love that.

7)   I will sort out my eyesight. A designer who will remain nameless recently told me that he had laser treatment following which he could see too clearly so then had it very slightly reversed. That’s my kind of laser treatment. While struggling poor vision is not my idea of heaven and seeing too clearly might actually be worse. We’ll, um, see.

8)   I will learn to Instagram and take beautiful pictures not blurry ones. I will not tweet first looks from shows unless they are crystal clear.

9)   I will not moan. I will not be jaded and/or take the enormous privilege of doing my job for granted. Because what’s not to love about my job lucky woman that I am?

10) Finally, and safe in the knowledge that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, I may even attempt to regularly walk my own dog. Now that would be something! Oops.


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