Diesel's New Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti Talks Rebooting The Brand

31 October 2013 by

He's who we have to thank for adorning Lady Gaga in THAT meat dress, and now Nicola Formichetti is turning heads with his new role as Diesel's Artistic Director. First point of order? Covering the Galleries Lafayette (Paris' most glamourous department store, dontcha know?) with crowd sourced Tumblr art as part of Diesel's Reboot campaign. "If I was one of the artists I'd be like f**k yeah! They don't want Christmas presents anymore - they want more followers!" jokes the Italian Japanese fashion designer, stylist and editor, when Grazia Daily had an exclusive chat with him about the campaign and his newly appointed role.

'I’ll be directing the collection,' Formichetti explains to Style.com. 'I’ll look at the entire company—from the clothing to the products, the shows, the marketing, the store experiences, the advertising. All the details. It’s so crazy!'

An avid social media user, Formichetti often finds inspiration - and muses - on platforms the likes of Tumblr and Instagram. Remember his Mugler boy, Rick Genest? The one covered in zombie tattoos? Well he discovered this character on Facebook and then flew him straight to Paris. And why mess with a formula that so obviously works? The first look at his Diesel vision saw the Artistic Director head right back to the social networking streets, picking 20 rulebreakers he came across on Tumblr. 'I wanted to find people who reflected the diversity of the creative community today and not just the typical model. I wanted the campaign to showcase a variety of characters, people who are beautiful in their own unique way,' he explained. 

This aspect is one of the main things that drew him to the brand in the first place: 'I love that if you have a great product, and if you have great communication, you can actually get to people. Because that really didn’t happen with me at Mugler, I wasn’t seeing a cool guy wearing my clothes on the street. Yes, Gaga wore it. Beyoncé wore it. But what I wanted was to see someone—like, a cool girl—wearing my jackets or pants on the street randomly.' (Style.com). 

As for the second Diesel campaign? He ditched the professional equipment altogether and shot the whole thing on an iPhone. These are no average Instagrams though, as the campaign for his #DieselTribute collection was taken by legendary photographer Nick Knight and his team at SHOWStudio. Cool, huh? If this is how forward thinking his campaigns are, we just can't wait to see what he's set to unleash with the forthcoming collection itself. In Nicola's own words? 'This collection is my homage to the DNA of Diesel.'

'I feel like it was becoming just one of the brands out there; I want it to be the brand to go to. I don’t want to start from scratch, because there are so many amazing things here. That’s why I love the term “reboot,” because it’s almost like switching it off and turning it on again, like a computer. We’re just evolving.' (Style.com)

The 45-piece capsule collection which features leather and denim hits stores on 4th November. We can hardly wait to drench ourselves in denim.


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