My white knuckle teeth whitening session!

09 December 2010

As predicted, the last session of my teeth-whitening programme was pretty grim, due to the fact I was suffering the mother of all hangovers (my Grazia hen night was the night before).  I turned up to my appointment 10 minutes late and feeling tres delicate, mainly due to copious amounts of vodka imbibed, but not helped by the world’s most jittery cab driver.  Not sure if he’s just passed his test or what (he was pushing 50 mind, so unlikely), but his clutch control was shocking.  Anyhoo, I arrived at Umbrella Smiles (not sure what Umbrellas have to do with smiles, but hey). The teeth system that they use there is Enlighten Smiles.  Only then! did I realise that I had left my gum shields at home. Duh.  The Umbrella girls were super sweet and didn’t make me feel like the time wasting loser that I clearly was but booked me in for later in the day. I stumbled out onto Harley Street and then – waddya know – next thing I found myself in the Manolo Blahnik department in Liberty purchasing a fabulous pair of satin T bar evening shoes.  Whoops. I really shouldn’t be allowed out hungover and in possession of a credit card!

Have to say, I was a little worried about how my teeth were going to turn out, as I hadn’t been able to kick the tea, which was on my ‘do not consume’ list.  But after an hour - where they applied a stronger dose of the bleaching solution in three twenty minute sessions – I am pleased to confirm that my knashers are considerably whiter than before.  So what with my extreme Skin Matters facials with Sandra at Joanne Evans, my hope that I could conjure up a younger-looking shinier version of myself in time for my wedding day seems to have come true. Well, according to my sister who arrived from Sydney yesterday I’m definitely looking younger (and she hasn’t seen me for 15 months.  Plus she’s a gal who speaks as she finds, so a complement from has extra weight!).  Pretty good work I reckon.  Mind you I’m sure that after Christmas of eating, drinking and being merry I’m sure I’ll be back to normal!


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