My Teeth Whitening Diet!

02 December 2010

I’m half way through my teeth whitening treatment and finding the going really hard.  The system I am using  - Enlighten from Umbrella Smiles in Harley Street ( – involves sleeping with two gum shields, filled with a bleaching gel every night for two weeks. When I have them in, I look like the mutant love child of Janet Street-Porter and Dick Emery (if you were born after 1978, Google him), which is not a good look believe me.

But the real stinger is that I have not been able to drink or eat anything that ‘would stain a white shirt’…so no curries, no tea and worst of all no red wine.  Basically everything I love. It’s been torture, I tell you, and I still have 6 days to go.

There has been one positive to come out of this of this grim situation, however. By ditching the vin rouge and cutting the tea consumption right down to one (ok two) cups a day (I just can’t function without a cup of builders - two sugars - to kick start the day) I have lost a bit of weight.  I had planned to do power plate and 50 crunches a day so I’d be slim and trim on the big day, unsurprisingly, that’s gone by the by, so by way of a gleaming white smile I have shed ooh at least half an inch from my muffin top. Result! 

I am slightly dreading the final treatment where I get a one hour mega blast of peroxide at the dental surgery.  I stupidly booked it in for the day after my Grazia hen night. I have managed to shift my appointment from 9 am to midday, but after a night out with team Grazia (who are as hardcore a bunch of party girls as you’re ever likely to meet), I imagine an hour in the dentist’s chair will be the last thing I’ll feel like doing.  Wish me luck!



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