The Hunt for the Dress (part 2)

25 November 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. Have been manic at work and what with trying to organise the wedding too, time is running away with me.  

So, the hunt for the dress continued to the Vintage Wedding Dress Company.  Owned by stylist Charlie Breer, who travels the world sourcing fabulous wedding dresses from the 1920’s – 1980’s (she also has a line of super chic new dresses that she has designed herself), their Bloomsbury showroom is a treasure trove of gorgeous froth.  So armed with my Mother and then a few days later, two of my closest girl friends Danielle and Mel, I went to play dress up.

First up two Grace Kelly-esque full skirted dresses from the fifties, one strapless and sprinkled with rhinestones, the other polka dot tuille with a ruffled bust.  Both were exquisite and fitted perfectly, but to be honest, I just felt like I was playing at princesses (my 6 year old daughter would have definitely picked the sparkly strapless number had she been given the choice!). 

The third option was from the 1920’s; drop waist and beaded with a tiered skirt.  It was an incredible dress, but once on, I realised that I definitely need to highlight my waist.  This dress would have been perfect on a boyish straight up and down figure, but with my wide “child-bearing” hips and ample bosom, sadly I just looked a bit lumpy.  Not good.

Then I found ‘the one’.  It was all the things I’d been looking for – lace, long sleeved, long but not long enough to trip over and waist defining.  It was actually very similar to the ‘Godfather’ dress I talked about in my last post.   In the showroom the dress was unlined (they leave the dresses as they find them as most people will need to have them altered in some way), which believe me, was really not a good look!  It took quite a bit of imagination and a roughly pinned slip to get an idea of what the dress could be, but it’s potential was instantly obvious and after much discussion with my girls over a glass or three of wine, we decided it was very me and so reader, I bought it!

The dress is now being altered.  I have had two fittings so far to get the lining right (you’ll be relieved to hear I won’t be walking down the aisle in a see-through dress, with my Spanx on full view) and to take it in at the waist.  I have to admit that I have had a few moments (usually around the 4.30 am mark) where I have been in a cold sweat thinking I hate the dress (too plain, too retro… just not right), but I reckon that is mainly because I don’t have possession of it while it’s at the alteration workshop, so I can’t look at it.  When I go (nervously) to my fittings, I have always come out feeling confident it’s right for me.  Call me superstitious, but you’re all going to have to wait until after I say ‘I do’ to see the actual dress, but meanwhile you can check out the gorgeous ‘also rans’ below.

- Siobhan Mallen


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