Wedding Wednesday: Lena Dunham’s pasta-filled dream wedding and Zac Posen's new bridalwear….

19 June 2013 by


Welcome to Wedding Wednesday – the day of the week where we round-up the practical, pretty and just plain weird bridal news. Such as….

1. Zac Posen is designing (affordable!) wedding dresses – and they won’t be cringe!

One of our favourite New York designers Zac Posen is turning his hand to bridal design – and affordable dresses at that. His Truly Zac Posen line is launching on with dresses starting at £540, going up to a size 18 and available to be shipped to the UK. To celebrate Zac sat down with USA Today to give some wedding dressing tips – and talk about what he finds most cringe in a wedding dress. ‘Over-exaggerated lacing in the back and when things have way way too much stuff on,’ he says. ‘I like textures to blend and be discovered.’ As Zac proved on the wedding dress he designed for his model and muse Coco Rocha’s 2010 celebration. And – other than we guess the dress – what did he buy her as a wedding gift? ‘I like to go very individual and specific but I like to buy plants for people – giving somebody a small tree that’s going to grow in their journey is always good.’ Bless…


2. Naked hen party photos are officially a thing...

Yes, not content with penis straws and a bride-to-be tiara, American “bachelorettes” are introducing a new humiliation celebration to hen parties: the naked photo shoot. The New York Post is reporting that brides-to-be are gathering together their best friends and a whole load of champagne (well you’d need it, wouldn’t you?) for “boudoir photography parties” where a professional photographer takes a snap of you all nude. ‘It was all about bonding and having fun with my friends,’ said one bride-to-be who took part in the $400 per person session. Hmm, they might be a thing. But they’re not a thing I’ll be doing.    


3. New survey finds upstaging the bride is the top wedding faux pas…

pippa middleton royal wedding

I mean to be honest did we need a survey to tell us that? Er, no. But the poll of women for found that 19% of people think that upstaging the bride was the biggest no-no. Up next was a mobile phone going off in the ceremony (18%) or forgetting a present (14%). Also in the list: appearing desperate to catch the bouquet. Which does surprise me because, come on, isn’t that the moment everyone single or otherwise hides…? (Or is that just me?)  


4. Lena Dunham’s dream wedding includes a pasta bar…

The Girls star tweeted an old picture she found from 2002 when she sketched out what she wanted her wedding to look like. A short dress with torn lace falling from the skirt, a live performance from the White Stripes and a pasta bar were the dream. And what a dream that would be. Drawings of your fantasy wedding on instagram please!


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