Mary Katrantzou Does Bridal! The Designer Talks About Her First Ever Wedding Dress

24 April 2014 by

[Instagram: MaryKatrantzou]

You might think a Mary Katrantzou wedding dress would be the wackiest of all - explosive digital prints and tulle don't exactly mix. But the London designer's debut wedding gown is more classic than you would imagine. Mary created a tulle-tastic gown for Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster, founder of the Walkabout Foundation, and thanks to Instagram we got to see it in all it's frothy glory.

Mary is clearly attached to this dress as she posted 13 pictures and videos of the frothy creation on her Instagram page. Mary spoke to W Magazine about the design, revealing that the swishy skirt was made out of 120 meters of chiffon muslin and crinoline support. Mary said: 'One thing she really wanted was lots of fabric and movement, so the focus was on the skirt and designing it in a way that it appears effortless.'

[Instagram: MaryKatrantzou]

So what was the inspiration? Mary said: 'We started looking through our archive, pulling her favorite pieces from past collections and deciding how we could create something perfectly tailored to her. She loved the “cake a flake” and “ivory” dresses from my Fall 2012 collection, but also the sporty necklines from my Spring 2013 “postage stamp/banknote” collection.'

She explained her decision to side-step her signature digital prints: 'We didn’t feel it was necessary to embellish it—it was more about the movement of the dress. Everyone was playing with it all night long and she danced and swirled in it for 8 hours! It wasn’t a simple dress but it had a purity in its design and its lines that I think really suited her.'

Mary revealed that she became very close to Carolina and 'emotionally involved,' following eight fittings and several meetings. She said: 'I flew to the Dominican Republic for the wedding and when it all came together I felt so humbled to be part of such a special day in her life. '

Brides to be don't get carried away with dreams of your own Mary Katrantzou gown, as this might be a one off. When asked if she will design a bridal collection, Mary revealed: 'I’m not sure, but it’s such a great experience if you feel inspired by the person you are designing it for. It’s a very intimate experience and a time consuming one, too, so it has to feel right.'


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