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Here's How Our Conversation When Choosing A Wedding Venue Went... (Clue: It Was Tough)

You’ve done the easy bit (said yes whilst he’s on bended knee) but, if my experience is anything to go by after pretty much an hour of wow-omg-tears-this-is-mentalness you and your fiancée are embroiled in a tortuous discussion about wedding reception venues. Mine went like this:

Me: Let’s get married in the Bahamas. By the grumpy but amazing shop-keeper Vernon who also happens to be a pastor. Bonus: it wouldn’t rain. 

bahamas hopetown wedding
Him: But it takes 24 hours, three planes and a boat to get there. Your best friend will have just had a baby. And your grandma’s 93.

Me: Ok, so it’s got to be England then. But I want it to be somewhere that at least means something to us, rather than just a random hotel or whatever.

Him: How about Oxford then, where we met? [Cue 30 minutes and £45 of 3G usage from the Indian wildlife park where he proposed.]

oxford wedding
Me: Hmmm, it either reminds me of puking up at someone’s 21st on a dance-floor or doing final exams in a Harry Potter-esque hall, neither of which are very fun. (For the record though, if you are looking for Oxford wedding venue options and haven’t got drunk/done exams there, may I recommend the Cherwell Boat House or the Bodleian Library).

Him (not yet exasperated): Ok, then London. You grew up in North London, and now we live together South. Plus it means people can get the tube home. Cheap. [Out comes the iPad again].

tower of london wedding

Me: Wow, weddings are expensive in London. And yes, I grew up in North London but we’re talking Camden, not Claridges. Or the Tower of London. (Yes, this is a serious wedding venue option, people. And it comes with free Beefeaters).

Him (now a bit exasperated): Gloucestershire? We love your parents house there and it’s close to my family in Bristol. Plus, super chilled.

cripps barn

Me: Would have to be Cripps Barn then. The most-stereotypically beautiful Cotswolds barn but so in the middle of nowhere you can make as noise as you want.

And that’s how we came to be getting married here – a place that I’ve always loved and that’s pretty enough for a wedding but fun enough for a party. I’m not sure what that proves other than when you’re planning your venue, talk it out and explore all options. Just preferably not when using 3G from a foreign country.



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