FYI, Keira. THIS Is What Happens At A Bridal Tea Party. (And Yes, It Sounds A Bit Terrifying…)

30 April 2013 by

I’m with Keira Knightley. The idea of bridal tea parties are weird. But then again, so is planning a wedding. The actress – who is apparently marrying Klaxons singer James Righton this weekend – has chatting about how confusing planning a wedding is. ‘I really don’t get what the big deal is. You say “I do, I do”. You drink a bit. Anyway on the internet there are things like Bridal Tea Parties,’ she said to Ellen. ‘I mean, what is a bridal tea party? I’ve never had a tea party in my life. So the idea that you should suddenly have a tea party because you’re getting married suddenly just really confused me.’  

From what I can see from the oracle of wedding planning that is Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridal Tea Parties – for the record – are an event where a bunch of the bride-to-be’s friends organize a lunch with a formal invitation, wedding cake and favours for guests to take away. Certain traditions abound. “The tradition of the groom showing up with flowers just before his fiancee opens the gifts is definitely back," says Mindy Weiss, who has organised bridal showers for celebs like Eva Longorio – and also advices her brides to be to save ribbon from the gifts to fashion into a make-shift bouquet to use in the rehearsal the night before the wedding. In other words a Bridal Tea Party a way more civilized hen do – with posh presents rather than raucous Mr & Mrs quizzes and penis straws.

bridal tea party 

As Grazia’s resident bride-to-be (do you like how we get our members of staff to write about every aspect of their lives?!) and someone who has, like you, only just figured out what a Bridal Tea Party is it’s safe to say I won’t be having one. My only request for the surprise hen do my bridesmaids are organizing for me was that I wanted to go somewhere hot – and somewhere with a club we can end up in where I can dance in Converse. But, in the few months I’ve now had to plan my wedding, I have found myself in some rather surreal circumstances.  


The one where you’re in Tiffany…

…or any other jewellery shop in fact looking at engagement rings. You can’t help but size up other couples by the shape/setting/size of the ring they’re trying. And though you’re looking for a ring that’s (just about) in budget, you still feel a bit peeved when you ask to try on that 1920’s square cut diamond and are sniffily told ‘That ring is £72,000 madame’ by the assistant who makes no move to take it out of it’s glass case.


The one where your parents-in-law meet…

…and everyone’s awfully polite and drinking out of their best coffee cups. It’s helpful if this can be arranged to happen over Christmas as mine did because at least then you have some standard social conversation to stick to – you know, how big is turkey, who gets the gifts out from under the tree... 


The one where you feel like you’re back at school…

…because you’re sitting opposite the Vicar and he’s quizzing you on what your local church is, what hymns you fancy and have you chosen your bible readings yet. Cue bluffing and frantic YouTube-ing of ‘I Vow To Thee My Country’ on your iPhone on the way home.   


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