Follow Friday: 10 Wedding Tips We’ve Learnt From Stone Fox Bride

30 May 2014 by

Stone Fox Molly Guy - THE expert on alternative, stylish weddings - pic The New Potato

Molly Guy, the fox behind Stone Fox Bride knows good dress. When she set about organising her wedding in Manhattan in 2010, the former magazine editor was horrified to be met only by “lots of puff, fluff and blue-haired old ladies trying to sell massive princess gowns in stuffy salons filled with bad perfume and claustrophobic wallpaper”. Her solution is Stone Fox Bride: a hippy den of vintage dresses, Moroccan Berber rugs, real floral crowns, veils, bespoke diamond rings and too many kimonos to count.

The US-based brand’s mission is to give brides “everything they need to have the mellow, meaningful and insanely cool wedding of their dreams” – whilst the website is in $$s, and you can order internationally, the greatest export from this site is Molly’s wisdom, moodboard inspiration (a wealth of cultural references from Frida Kahlo to Jonny and Kate) and good wedding vibes. And who wouldn’t want to be a Stone Fox Bride on their wedding day? We’ve picked her Top 10 how-to tips for becoming one. Read these and breathe…      

1. The Dress: Go With What You Know

"Stick to a familiar silhouette that you know is flattering for your body type. If you’re always in teeny skirts, find an amazing mini dress. If you’re a hippie caftan kind of gal, go the loose, long-sleeve flowy route. The goal is to feel super comfortable and at ease. This is not the time to debut a whole new look."

2. The Girls Girls Make Seriously Sexy Bridal Models – Who Knew?

Stone Fox Bride puts its rosta of attractive and achingly cool friends to hard work. We rather like Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet’s Kiss The Bride moment in one of the archived lookbooks.

[Stone Fox Bride]

3. Be The Master of Your Budget

"Don’t get hung up on the budget. I have literally seen women who have spent half a million dollars decorating hotel ballrooms with the most exotic blooms who don’t hold a candle to other women who have picked a hundred dollars worth of wildflowers and stuck them in vintage Coca Cola bottles. Sometimes a single peony in a tiny glass vase is so much more chic than the mammoth-sized bouquet. Beautiful floral decor has very little to do with having an abundance of flowers…and everything to do with nuance and a subtle eye for detail."

4. The Food: Keep It Family Style

"Everyone loves sitting around a table passing platters of food. It’s such a homey, cozy way to create instant ambiance. And stay away from trendy fusion gastronomy situations involving foam or teeny portions of locally sourced sorrel leaves. Stick to the basics: roast chicken, French fries, big green salads, good wine, bread and cheese, and chocolate cake."

5. The Beauty of a Down-to-earth Proposal

Molly regularly posts instagrams of anonymous hands wearing beautiful bespoke and vintage rings, along with the betrothed’s romantic proposal story. She’s nailed the art of romanticising junk food in bed and rings buried in pizzas, the stories are totally addictive:

@stone_fox_bride: 'He handed me two gifts - the second was a wrapped cylindrical tube (he worried I might see it in his suitcase and didn't want the box to give it away). I opened it to find the most beautiful rose gold morganite ring that he'd had a childhood friend make for me. We FaceTimed our parents and then got in bed with spiked nog and watched a Christmas Story. It was perfect. I can't wait to marry him on the beach in November. He's the sweetest man I've ever met. #stonefoxrings'

6. To Get Crafty

“Getting married is an amazing opportunity to really explore who you are through art, design, religion and more. It’s like a huge art project for your family and friends."


7. On Money in Marriage

"I wish more people took the time to address their finances before walking down the aisle. Talking about money is tricky; getting married and then having to talk about money is way trickier. One good thing our rabbi made us do is to address our financial history and set goals for the future. I guess I wish people asked me more: 'how can I do this thing and make it mine? NOT my mother-in-laws or my moms or my maid-of-honor.”

8. How to Up-chic a Non-alcoholic Beverage

A fabulous Instagram example:

@stone_fox_bride: 'SFB flower girl wedding drink we heart: edible flower and vanilla essence blackberry water. Pretty'

9. On the Table Settings

"I love a sweet personalized gift on each plate — something super classic and low-key. A personalized plain wooden pencil and small note pad, an inscribed second-hand copy of a classic book. The Great Gatsby is a good one. You can never have too many copies."

10. What to Eat on the Day Of

"Eat a nourishing breakfast. Stay away from depleting white flour, sugar or salt. I’m a fan of soft-boiled eggs, oatmeal, berries, and tea. Take a minute to sit silently and gather your thoughts if you can. Beyond the drama, adrenaline and nerves is the amazing blessing of having found your soul mate. Try to let it sink in on some level."

If you're planning your wedding and need to inject some beautiful calm into your storm, you need to follow this lady.


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