Couple Makes Trailer For Their Wedding! Is This The Most Bonkers Invitation Ever?

09 April 2014 by

Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

What better way to invite your close friends and family to your wedding than with an extravagant video posted on the Internet for *everyone* to see?!

At least that's what two lawyers from San Francisco must have been thinking when they decided on their 'save the date' messages. Rather than - yannow - sending an e-invitation or a cute little card to their pals, they made a video of Kim-and-Kanye proportions.

The clip's edited to look like the trailer for an uber-glamorous uber-dramatic movie. It shows the two lawyers from San Francisco, preparing for their big day.

There's slow-motion lip gloss application, sports cars, helicopter rides, bling watches and a big party seen with cigars and Bollywood dancers. Credits flash on the screen, music switches from tense backing numbers to club hits and there's a Great Gatsby quote, obvs. Plus, they've given themselves a PG 13. SO MUCH MELODRAMA.

The video's posted on a website called Boss Wedding (of course it is) and while the couple are pretty hyped about their 'save the date', there's no details about their wedding list up yet. We're hoping they'll go all out on the wedding day too. What do you think about the video?

Is it the glamorous 'save the date' of your dreams, a hilarious bit of fun or a tacky move to avoid? Here are five other unusual 'save the date' videos...

1.  Kids who promised ice cream re-enact a couple's love story

Save The Date - Amy & Hunter from Dozenaire on Vimeo.

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3. Another trailer idea. This time a Elena escapes from a movie to meet her husband... 

4. Stop-motion animation from Joy & Mike

5. Can't work out if this 'trailer' is Gladiator or LOTR inspired.. either way, it's epic


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