BRIDE BOGGLES: When Bridesmaids Turn Into Bridesmaidzillas

21 May 2014

Welcome to Bride Boggles, our brand new wedding blog from heat's editor-in-chief Lucie Cave. Lucie got engaged to Ben Lunt (you may remember him as the T4 heart throb of 2007) and is here to take you through her wedding prep process. She's already dished on Ben's too-cute-for-words proposal and how she chose her sparkler, but this week, it's all about the bridesmaids...

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Bridesmaids

It's 7pm, I'm at work. It’s press day. And my inbox is pinging frantically like it’s a world-wide global emergency. It's been like this for the last four weeks. Only it’s not a crack team of international reporters on the email chain. It’s my bridesmaids-to-be. All nine of them.

Until six weeks ago the whole bridesmaid thing seemed easy as chips. I’d decided I was having just two pretties following me up the aisle – my two year old niece Wynne and my 25yr old sister Hannah. I had too many friends, you see. I couldn't possibly choose between them. And, I told them all in earnest over several glasses of wine – it wasn’t fair to make them dress in an outfit of my choosing.

Then something changed. I started to google other people's wedding photos for ‘inspiration’. In every picture I saw the bride grinning from ear to ear with loads of her mates around her. Whether it was hair-in-curlers getting ready and pissing their pants laughing (if you read my first blog you’ll know I have a bit of a problem in that area), or simply stood in a row looking awesome in vast numbers. It didn’t feel right that I couldn’t have some of my closest mates around me on the big day.

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Bridesmaids

My fiancé Ben had been telling me all along that I should just ask who I wanted and forget about the rest. And he kept making jokes about the fact that most of them, like me, are nearly 40 (which he finds incredibly amusing for some reason.

So I texted them. One cried. Another said, “Shit, I’d better have a boob job”, another shrieked, “Are you sure?” and another (in hindsight, very wise one) asked 'Can I have a day to think about it?”

It felt right. My sister Hannah was recruited as chief BM and as a stylist herself valiantly took up the task of helping find the dresses. With everyone’s shapes and sizes, insecurities and particulars, my original assertion that I wouldn’t force them into something they looked hideous in, still stood. I myself have been a bridesmaid a couple of times and on reflection I could’ve looked better….

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Bridesmaids

So we looked at which is a site in which you can choose your colour and everyone can pick a style that suits them. I also loved what my friend and celebrity stylist-slash-costume designer who's designing my wedding dress, Kate Halfpenny, did with hers - and she had 21 of them!

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Bridesmaids

But we decided it might look a bit much having ten BM’s (my little niece included) walking down the aisle in one big cloud of colour. So Hannah suggested ice cream colours and found some amazing dresses in Coast and allocated according to body shape and – what she thought – preference…

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Choosing Bridesmaids & Dresses

Hannah split everyone into groups and they all emailed back saying they loved them. And it was off to try them on, you know, just to double check.

That’s when the emails started coming in. And then the texts.

“That colour really didn’t suit me…”

“Can I swap with someone else?”

“I was too scared to tell you but it looks HORRIBLE on me”

“Are there any other options…?”

And so it went on.

And to tell you the truth it’s still going on.

My mum has obviously also started sticking her oar in and keeps shrieking at me, ‘People should just wear what you tell them!' Luckily I have a bit more patience than my mother and do understand that my mates all want to look and feel their best on my big day.

My one rule is that they are firmly split into three pastel colours – blue, mint and pink. And they have to be floor length. Now it’s their challenge to come back with their findings - which I can approve or reject. It’ll be a bit like Bridesmaid Dresses Have Got Talent and I will be Cowell.

I just hope it doesn’t go on as long as the ITV show, otherwise I could be walking down the aisle with a hotch-potch of girls still in their PJ’s because they can’t decide what to wear.

Of course Ben is LOVING the drama of ‘Bridesmaidzilla’. Everytime I get an email or a text he starts shrieking ‘What’s the update?’. To him it’s like an episode of Brookside but better. He also keeps reminding me that no matter what the dresses all look like to start with, give it a few hours (and drinks) and they’ll all end up like this anyway:

BRIDE BOGGLES: Lucie Cave Wedding Blog On Bridesmaids

To be continued…




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