BRIDE BOGGLES: Can You Still Drink Wine And Get A Wedding Body?

28 May 2014

Welcome to Bride Boggles, our brand new wedding blog from heat's editor-in-chief Lucie Cave. Lucie got engaged to Ben Lunt (you may remember him as the T4 heart throb of 2007) and is here to take you through her wedding prep process. She's already dished on Ben's too-cute-for-words proposal and how she chose her sparkler and now it's all about the Wedding Body...

BRIDE BOGGLES: Can You Still Drink Wine And Get A Wedding Body?

Our bride blogger, Lucie Cave

Dating someone nine years my junior, you'd think I'd be in a perpetual booze coma  - trying to keep up with his youthful k-erazy ways. But from the day I met Ben, back in 2007 when he was 24 and I was 33, I’ve been amazed by his aversion to alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to special occasions he’ll be the life and soul of the partay (read: be asked to leave a place by 10pm for indecently exposing a body part) but secretly he hates the stuff. Loathes it. This means, chez nous, he’s never happier than when he’s got a big mug of tea in front of the telly.

Whereas me, I love red wine.  I love how it relaxes me. I love how it signals ‘work is over’. I love the colour, the smell, the taste, the way it dances in my mouth like Justin Timberlake in velvet slippers… oh you know what I mean. If I could change my name to Rioja I probably would.  My affection for the grape has gotten so bad, Ben thinks I have a problem. This wasn’t helped by the fact that recently, while he was drinking tea, I was hiding my shame in a mug hoping he wouldn’t notice.

Sometimes he thinks I love wine more than I love him. He even spent an evening creating a strange cartoon about it…

BRIDE BOGGLES: Can You Still Drink Wine And Get A Wedding Body?

And now, as the wedding date looms and the inevitable pressure of getting ‘wedding fit’ starts to build, I am struggling with a serious dilemma – booze body or bride body? (Last year, when I was having a massage my therapist helpfully informed me I was ‘toned’ but was masked by a ‘layer of booze’) Do I really have to give up all alcohol (read: fun) for the next three months just so I can squeeze into a wedding dress I still haven’t found yet? Can I lose weight and STILL HAVE WINE?

Thank gawd then for personal trainer and motivational life coach, Janey Holliday - a food management expert who it appears is also human because she likes a drink. Janey has created the hugely popular online Sugar HIIT bootcamp (which combines pilates, conditioning and High Interval Training videos with easy to understand ‘beat sugar webinars’) and officially tells me ‘Yes you can!’.

Janey Holliday

Janey Holliday

“There is approximately ½ teaspoon of sugar in a 200ml glass of dry white wine or red wine compared to 5 tsp of sugar in a 0% fat vanilla yogurt or 7tsp in a banana” says Janey.

Rioja – 1 Fruit salad – 0!

And that’s not the only boozy bonus – “Wine is also fructose free,” she says,  “Fructose (naturally found in fruit, 50% of sugar and the foundation of  High Fructose Corn syrup (HFCS) is the most addictive kind of sugar, can only be metabolized by the liver, causes fat storage and keeps you hungry.”

Of course that’s not to say I’m allowed to drink my body weight in wine for the next three months (I know summer berries lipstick is in this summer but I don’t really want to wobble down the aisle with actual red wine lips)  – plus, we know vino has it’s own toxic affects on the body – but I’m told moderate wine drinking, especially when combined with a sugar-free and fruit-free diet, can actually enhance my health (without enhancing the size of my waistline).

Here are Janey’s Sugar HIIT wine rules...

  1. Always aim for 2-3 alcohol free nights a week
  2. Typically speaking, avoid drinking more than 2 large glasses in one day
  3. If you have a big night, match every drink of wine with water
  4. You must only drink dry white wine or red wine (the better quality the less sugar too)
  5. Avoid spirits and any mixers as much as possible - if you want a gin or vodka, have with still water and lots of fresh lime and limit to drinking spirits once a week
  6. You must drink 2l+ of still water and lemons every day (this will help your liver and your legs, as our livers love lemons and lemons also reduce cellluilte)
  7. You must eat lots of liver-friendly foods (usually green) such as broccoli, spinach, sprouts, kale and also onions and garlic
  8. Do a daily turmeric shot (1/2 tsp of turmeric every morning with some warm water, down in one. (Apparently if I can do tequila, I can do this!)
  9. Exercise to help your body flush out toxins
  10. Drink slowly, you are a woman, not a fish

Wise words. Now pass me my wine…

Janey’s next online Sugar HIIT boocamp starts on 2nd June. Go to If you want daily low sugar food diary inspiration from Janey, follow her on Twitter @janeyholliday



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