And Now The Usher Suit Shopping Begins...

10 September 2013 by

So my dress is bought, the bridesmaids have theirs and even the groom has managed to get his suit (Sandro!) But there’s still one sartorial challenge to solve before the big day: the usher suits. My boyfriend (I still can’t get used to using the fiancée word) is being Type A about this and wants everyone to wear the same suit but it’s tough to find great cut suits you can afford when you’ve got to buy – gulp! – six. Step forward Reiss – the high street store that consistently does great menswear. Before we ventured in with six boys who don’t love shopping, I sought the advice of Reiss Menswear Buyer Alex McCart to ask what we should be looking for. It worked! We walked out with a few heavy bags and some happy boys. Maybe you can too…

One of our ushers Chris modelling his Reiss suit - sharp! 

What should the groom be thinking about when picking out usher suits?

“The groom should make sure that the usher suits compliment his, but are different enough to stand out.  For example, they could have the same cloth and colour but the groom could add a waistcoat,” says Reiss Menswear Buyer Alex McCart. “If they are going for different colours, the groom and ushers should ensure that both colours are varied enough in tone but still complement each other. Black and light grey might look harsh for instance, whereas black and a mid-grey suit would look different while still being in line.”

What is the universally flattering suit shape for all men? 

“If I had to choose one style for a wedding I would suggest a one button peak lapel with a slanted pocket; something a little different to the corporate world,” says Alex.

How can ushers personalise their suits? 

“Pocket squares are always a good add on. I have also tailor a number of suits for weddings where the groom has bought all the ushers a pocket watch, which I think is quite a nice touch,” advises Alex.

Some of the Reiss suits Alex recommends [Reiss]

Talk us through the best groom suits for each wedding…

For a winter wedding opt for…

“At the moment I love the formality of a tuxedo as an option for a wedding suit. This is great for winter and even an evening wedding, which I have made a few suits for. If you’re not opting for a bibbed shirt, the addition of a waistcoat is always a strong look.”

For a summer wedding opt for….

“Summer weddings in a warmer climate always lend themselves toward a light linen or cotton in pastel colours. This will give a more casual feel to the wedding which most clients want.”

For a standout wedding opt for…

“I love clients that also experiment with pattern or texture; a check is always a nice way to give your wedding suit a different feel to your everyday work suit. Fabrication is also a nice way of making a difference to your suit: a beautiful wool/mohair style will hold the shape and take to colour really well, whereas a hopsack will add some texture interest.”

How does the groom make sure he stands out in a sea of suits?

“The groom should always look the best, so I would highly recommend our Personal Tailoring service as the fit is everything. This is a far more exclusive option than walking into a shop and buying a suit off the peg; a personally tailored suit will automatically make you stand tall and stand out from the crowd!” says Alex.


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