6 Things Hollywood Films Have Taught Us About Weddings

03 April 2013 by

5 Things Hollywood Film Have Taught Us About Weddings

Oh Hollywood - forever fabulous at building up false expectations in life. We're jaded enough by now to know that Ryan Gosling is probably not going build us a house then kiss us in the pouring rain, or that Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely not going to save us from a sinking ship and sacrifice his own life in the process.  If there's one thing Hollywood does do well though, it's an absolute disaster of a wedding, something we've found quite handy if we're feeling a little apathetic towards love. From My Best Friends Wedding to 27 Dresses, here's 6 things Hollywood has taught us about weddings.

1. Weddings Should Probably Never Have A Theme

As 27 Dresses proves, themed bridesmaid dresses ain't going to age well. Whatever you think is cute and kooky at the time has a sell-by date, not something you want from the most photographed day of your life. Gone With The Wind anyone?

2. Don't Let The Dress Take Centre Stage

Oh Carrie. Sure Mr. Big was always going to be flight risk, but we can't help thinking if you hadn't got so tied up in your Vivienne Westwood dress and feather headdress, things might have worked out first time around. If your fiance looks physically sick at the amount of people you've invited, it might be time to take the Bridezilla thing down a notch.

3. Make Sure Everyone's Calm, Cool And Collected

The only two with any right to be nervy on the big day are you and your husband-to-be. A stuttering Rowan Atkinson-esque priest means your wedding will forever be remembered as 'The One Where The Priest Buggered It All Up' rather than 'The One Where The Bride Wore The Most Fabulous Dress Imaginable'.

4. Don't Try It On With The Groom (If You're Not The Bride)

The wedding day is not last chance saloon to stake a claim - that window closed weeks ago. So sit down and shut up.

5. If You Absolutely Must Stop A Wedding, Make A Grand Entrance

And be completely aware of the fact that if you fail, total and utter humiliation is at stake.

6. Don't Let A Man Or Woman Scorned Deliver A Speech At The Reception

Just because it's the happiest day of your life, others might not be feeling so rosy-especially those going through a recent break-up. If they're real friends they'll suck it up and stick a smile on their face for the day - just maybe don't let them anywhere near too much booze and/or a microphone.


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