“It’s Only 1 Extra Person.” And Other Fights You’ll Have When Drawing Up Your Wedding Guest List

24 April 2013 by

A lot’s been written about the drama that is the guest list. It’s all true. We started drawing up our list whilst still a bit high on the buzz of being engaged, in India and three G&T’s down and it went brilliantly. We revisited it in cold England, hungover after our engagement party and having chosen a venue that only seats 110 and it went very differently. So it’s not original but here are a few fights we’ve had over subsequent edits and reedits of the guest list. Maybe you’ve been through the same? (Or am I just a real b*tch?)


Fight 1: Who’s family is biggest. And why should we have your second cousin once removed when I’m not even inviting my aunt and uncle.

Fight 2: But I hate his wife/her husband… *

Fight 3: I don't even know them. (With stoming of the feet).

Fight 4: She has a side. “And I don’t want anyone watching me walk up the aisle being snidey.”

Fight 5: You've never even mentioned him before. (Note: this carries more weight than the I don’t even know them argument.)

Fight 6: It’s only 1 extra person....

Fight 7: ...but if he comes then she and he and he HAVE to come.

Fight 8: Well we were invited to their wedding.

Fight 9: Oh f**k it. Let’s just elope I can't bear it.

Fight 10: But what would Granny say about that?

* PS: If you’re one of my IRL friends, please don’t get all paranoid and think this is all about you…


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