Want To Know The Latest Twist In The Gwyneth Paltrow/ Chris Martin 'Concious Uncoupling' Saga?

By Olivia Foster - 8 December 2014

Contributing Writer


Ooo what have we here? Another twist in the Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin consciously-uncoupled-but-still-spending-a-lot-of-time-with-each-other-what-the-hell-is-going-on-guys saga. We’re going to take you back a while here. Remember in September, when Gwyneth was pictured kissing her former boyfriend Donovan Jerome Leitch (what a name) at a dodgers game?

At the time Gwyneth’s publicist was quick to say that the pair had been friends for over 20 years. But now their relationship has been bought to the surface again as Donovan’s estranged wife of 13 years, Kirsty Hume, has filed for divorce. Sooooo… obviously people are beginning to wonder if there is a bit of a link. Especially given that Gwyneth and Chris’ relationship is still pretty complicated. Let’s recap…

Back in March Gwyneth and Chris announced that they were splitting, or as they called it ‘consciously uncoupling.’ Then there were lots of rumours that Chris had been had started dating Alexa Chung. And then he and Gwyneth started spending all of this time together leading many to question whether they were going to try and give it another go. Complicated much?

Chris recently revealed that music has been helping him through the situation, ‘Going through something difficult in your life, music for me is always a friend and something that helps you to figure things out. That’s always what I’m doing in the middle of the night,’ he said in a recent interview.

Chris also revealed that he is no longer a vegetarian since their split. Lol. Lol. Lol.  So, did Gwyneth and Donovan’s kiss have anything to do with today’s announcement. We’ll have to wait and see!


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