Top 50 Fitness Kit Buys To Kick Start The New Year: Shopping Fix

By Lily Russo - 8 December 2014

Shopping Editor

This week’s festive antics filled with food and drink, which are also set to continue into next week…and the one after that, have meant our fitness regimes (not that we ever really had one tbh) have gone out the window, obvs, which has had us thinking of how we intend to get in shape for 2014. But no fitness regime is complete without the perfect kit to get you geared up and ready to feel the burn.

This week’s Shopping Fix is dedicated to our top 50 activewear buys – from the Nikes and Adidas’ of the world to the hot new sportswear labels to be showcasing whether you’re pumping iron in the gym, doing lengths in the pool or dodging balls on the tennis court. Plus all the extra accessories to help you maximise your workout. Whether you're a gym purist or a sports hipster, click through the gallery to see what we'll be wearing to get fit in 2014...


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