Made In England: Cara Delevingne Gets Another Tattoo On The Sole Of Her Foot

By Jessica Vince - 6 December 2014



It looks like Cara Delevingne has caught the body art bug. Not content with getting two inkings in recent months, the model du jour has added another tattoo to her collection.

Cara took to her Instagram account (where else?) to showcase the new addition that reads 'Made In England'. It's a simple branding discreetly stamped on the bottom of her left foot to insure her high-fashion bosses like Burberry and DKNY won't be fussed.

The 20-year-old had previously spoken about wanting to get the design after she got a lion's head etched on her finger back in May followed by her initals on her hand a week later. Yep, that's three tattoos in the space of three months!

Along with the snap, Cara wrote, 'Made in England! Finally... @bangbang.' And as you know, Bang Bang is Rihanna's favourite tattooist who has etched the singer's array of inkings as well as working on Adele and Katy Perry. Now that Cara and Ri-Ri are BFFs, the catwalker has joined the club with Bang Bang doing all three of her inkings.

The fun-loving pair were lapping up the summer sun in Monte Carlo this week, lounging on a luxury yacht together before Rihanna hit the Wireless Festival to perform with Jay-Z on Sunday. Cara has said she wants 'loads' more tattoos 'all over her body' so watch this space. Or at least her Instagram feed.

See more A-list tattoos in the gallery below...



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