Hang On! Did Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Just Get Married?

By Alya Mooro - 9 December 2014

Contributing Writer


It's been touted as the wedding of the century with the rumour mill turning in a frenzy ever since Kanye West first got down on one knee in front of their nearest and dearest at AT&T Park on Kim Kardashian's 33rd birthday back in October. Where will it be, what will she wear, who will be invited!? The speculation was endless. Now, it emerges that the couple may have gotten married at a private ceremony in Los Angeles this week. 

What!? It's no secret that neither Kanye nor Kim *especially not Kim - are particularly the secretive type, so news that they've kept their official union from the eyes of the world is quite a shocker. The secretive ceremony is, however, reportedly set to be only their first, with a lavish extravaganza still set to go ahead in Paris later this month. Phew! You had us worried for a minute there KimYe!

A source told Life & Style magazine: "Kim and Kanye are now married on paper. They got their license in California over the past few days." The lavish ceremony, which has been rumoured to take place everywhere from the Palace of Versailles to the Pyramids of Egypt is reportedly set to take place on May 24th in front of all their family, friends and celebrity acquaintances.

The Californian low-key wedding was reportedly due to the fact that the French law requires a strict 40-day residency before they can legally get married in the country. But the Parisian affair is certainly set to be one to remember.  So far, we've heard the couple have hired a 'royal wedding coach', they will be issuing guidelines to their guests on appropriate behaviour and Beyonce will be attending the hen do. Gracious!

Kim K is suggested to wear not one but three fabulous dresses and guests will be greeted with goodie bags containing £300 bottles of Bollinger champagne, £120 Creme de la Mer products, handmade souvenir trinkets with Kim and Kanye's initials etched in Swarovski crystals, bottles of scent from local perfumeries and £150 vouchers for treatments at the hotel spa. We'll just be waiting by the post for our invites then... 

Check out Kim Kardashian's best dressed moments in the gallery below...


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