Instagram Pics Of The Day: Kim Kardashian Looks Up To Kendall Jenner At Couture

By Anna Dewhurst - 10 December 2014

News Picture Editor

Ooh la la! Couture week has hit Paris, which means gazillions of stars, which in turn means those Kardashians are knocking about (ok, two of them). With Kendall Jenner walking for Chanel, naturally sister Kim Kardashian was there for support/Instagram, and possibly our fave photo series ever is the result. It sees a pocket-sized Kim Kim posing with the #BalmainArmy at the Vogue Paris gala, looking up at an impossibly towering Kendall. ‘She looks up to ME,’ Kendall captioned. There really is no arguing with that.

Balmain Paris also treated us to some backstage Instagrams of Kim, Kendall and Binx Walton getting styled/zipped up by Olivier Rousteing, for their ‘Balmainiac night out, whilst uber-photographer, Mario Testino zipped around taking thousands of his iconic snaps backstage, frontstage, sidestage, etc. Mr Testino kept himself busy, snapping anything/everything that caught his eye – including Kim’s infamous derriere (surely the first thing you would see), and a smiley Anna Wintour, at breakfast. Whilst we knew Anna was hardly going to come down in her track pants with a frizzy, gappy fringe, we were impressed with just how impeccably turned-out she is at such an ungodly hour.

Meanwhile, the Brant brothers, Harry and Peter, were pondering the bigger questions ("If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?") whilst snapping away at a falling Gaultier model, and (of course) taking multiple selfies. Along with every other single celeb (luckily for us).

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