Are Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne Instagram Twinsies? See Their Matching Kooky Faces, Hooded Onesies & Musical Pals

By Jessica Vince - 5 December 2014



Cara Delevingne's Instagram feed is a (goofy) breath of fresh air. Her most recognisable pose is all cross-eyed with an Elvis lip-curl. Her favourite outfit is an animal Onesie. Her Saturday nights involve hanging out with Rihanna and Rita Ora. Yup, Cara is not your average style star and in the past year, her personal snaps have secured a place in our fashion hearts. She's proved herself to be cute, funny and modest in an industry where models often take themselves way too seriously. Hmm, sound familiar?

Step forward one Alexa Chung whohas long entertained us with her Twitpics. Smooching dolphins and mucking about with her pals, she's the original fun face of Instagram. But this weekend, Chungers' photos are proof that she has more in common with Cara than we'd ever realised...

It started with Alexa showing just how flexible her face can be thanks to a series of snaps of her looking like a Looney Tunes character. Then came a photo of Alexa in a red Onesie - much like Cara's attire of choice. Finally, Alexa shared a pic of her larking about with Harry Styles, the very same curly-haired boybander who Cara was linked to earlier this year.

The fun faces of fashion: Alexa and Cara at the BFAs

And the similarities don't end there. Both have posted snaps of themselves posing with the hottest gals on the musical block, from hipster Lana Del Rey for Alexa to gangsta-glam star Rihanna for Cara, not to mention pouting with Karlie Kloss and posing with Poppy Delevingne. Both have a penchant for dressing up too - we've seen Alexa as a lamb and Cara channelling everything from a tiger to a hotdog. Basically, WE. LOVE. THEM.

Away from the world of social media, it's hard not to draw comparisons between these two. Both Alexa and Cara have started their careers as cool British models with unconventionally beautiful looks, a strong sense of personal style and a wicked sense of humour. Both were nominated for the Style Icon Award at the British Fashion Awards a few weeks ago and while Alexa scooped the coveted gong, Cara bagged her own accolade as Model of the Year. After the ceremony, the pair were seen larking about together backstage, posing with their awards amongst the more *ahem* serious fashion types.

So here's the question: are Alexa and Cara sartorial twinsies? Will they join forces and enter the world of telly together? Or will Chungers nuture Little Delevingne's acting ambitions? For now, we'll spend another hour or two trawling through their brilliantly bonkers Twitpics in the gallery above.


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