VIDEO: Alexa Chung's Fashion Week Essentials Include A Tampon

By Delphine Chui - 3 December 2014

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Watch our video interview with Alexa Chung and Natalie Westling


Oh hi Alexa Chung! Grazia Daily was understandably delighted to see our favourite fashion week star under the strobe lights at the Marc By Marc Jacobs show on Tuesday afternoon. Chungers looked as FROW-ready as ever in a polka dot shirt worn with a pale pink PVC skirt and strappy sandals. 'Often you have to wear the designer [whose show] you're going to so I try to incorporate something of theirs into something of mine,' she told us.

And what of the burning question of the week: how would she sum up NYFW in one emoji? 'I don't think fashion week can be summed up in emojis other than the crying face,' she revealed. :( As for her handbag essentials, the style icon revealed she always carries money, passport and keys, but does she mix it up for NYFW? 'I don't change it specifically for fashion week, so just the usual classics, probably a tampon depending. One in four chance, week wise.' Ever practical, that one.

Alexa Chung Marc By Marc Jacobs.jpg

Alexa Chung on the FROW at the Marc By Marc Jacobs show [Getty]

Meanwhile, backstage, we enjoyed a chickpea salad washed down with a shot of wheatgrass juice (healthy, huh?) before spotting not-so-new girl on the block, Natalie Westling. Remember the bright red-haired model who took the fashion world by storm last season when she was basically in every show going? Yep, that's the one. Natalie kindly let us grab her for a chat while she got her final bits of make-up done and shared her top selfie tip with us. It's all in the lighting and the angle, you see.

Watch our chat in the video above and see more of New York Fashion Week FROWers in the gallery below...


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