Are You Cellu-Toxic? The 7 Hidden Culprits Causing Your Cellulite

By Tor Cardona - 2 December 2014

Contributing Writer

Words by Kate Faithfull-Williams

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing all the right things without getting the right result. Especially when you’re sweating yourself silly in the gym and saying ‘no thanks’ to chocolate, yet you’re still cursed with cellulite.

90% of us bear the toxic fat that gives our thighs and bottoms a lumpy texture. And 100% of us would prefer we didn’t, so we doggedly follow the decades-old expert advice for smooth skin: drink water, cut out coffee, body brush and go to the gym. With limited success. Now things have changed. This summer, the world’s top minds in skin science have produced a raft of research into the hidden causes of cellulite. Click through the gallery above to discover all…



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