Lady Gaga Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

By Grazia staff - 19 November 2014

Grazia staff

Lady Gaga Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

Ah, Lady Gaga! It’s hard to remember a time before meat dresses, nipple-covers-as-tops and extreme hair topiary but one woman made us a visual gift of all this and more. Yup, in her short reign as queen of crazy couture she has managed to make de rigeur looks out of packing materials, road markings and crustacea, plus taught us that dressing to the nines is for any time, anywhere! There’s never a day when Gaga wears just an outfit; the First Lady of pop only ever wears creations.

The satirical star created her on-stage persona a long time before her debut album Fame hit the shelves in 2008, performing songs in small dive bars in New York clad in similarly, yet somewhat less expensive, wacky ensembles.

Lady Gaga sees your run-of-the-mill red-carpet frock and raises you one dress made entirely of oversized coffee filters. Think you're going to let loose at the after party? Beat a see-through body stocking and nipple guards for your lady bits! All a little bit bonkers for sure, but really kinda fabulous!

There’s never a down day either – she’s even been photographed wearing platforms to the gym. Of course, there have been a few tumbles but nothing can get in the way of Gaga’s flamboyant footwear.

Having sold over 23 million albums, 64 million singles and performed two sold-out world tours, the singer has designers clambering to dress her. But there's no need as she has her own creative team, Haus of Gaga, headed by fash maestro Nicola Formichetti, which caters to her every outfit whim. She wants an eggshell incubation unit? She gets an eggshell incubation unit. It's the best dressing up box in the world and she's happy to share it with us, joy!

More recently, the costume queen has banished the meat, Kermit frog dolls and plastic bubbles, which have brought gasps to the Grazia office in previous years, and seems to be channelling a chicer look. With so many twist and turns it's impossible to guess what she'll don next (sellotape or chiffon?) but we can all agree, it's bound to be a treat.

Check out the gallery above for a rollercoaster ride of Gaga's greats and let us know if you'd give any of them a whirl yourself (would you? could you?) and which ones you treasure for their (often literally) sheer chutzpah!


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