How To Take The Perfect Selfie: 7 Top Tips From The Pros

By Grazia staff - 3 December 2014

Grazia staff

Suki and Georgia are excellent selfie-rs [Instagram]

Hands up if you have a selfie gadget. Yup, they really are a thing and an influx have popped up on eBay from ‘selfie sticks’ and bluetooth remotes to cables that extend your reach. It's turning into quite the art form so to give us an extra helping hand, we've turned to the experts. Here are some selfie rules courtesy of former showbiz editor Sean Lynn and portrait photographer Andrew Porter…

1. Avoid doing a 'James Franco' -"Never take it in front of the bathroom mirror. That may have been fine in 2005 when that’s all you could do, but now it looks terrible.”

2. Arms are out – "Instead use a delay timer app or a remote cable"

3. Always have the camera above your eye line - "It's way more flattering (and avoids any double-chin action) so use the shutter button on the case rather than the on-screen button"

5. Work the light -“If possible, the light should come from the side or front rather than ceiling, which can create shadows under your eyes"

6. Take loads of pics at once - "Most cameras and phones will take a ‘burst’ if you hold the shutter down.” (and you can sift through them later)

7. Add the professional touch ( but not on every single one) - “Review and edit. Pick the best shot, use a filter for a cool vintage feel - and crop any rough edges (or photobombers)”


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