Clothes Show Live Select Model Scouting

By Grazia staff - 3 December 2014

Grazia staff

When you're looking for the next Cara Delevingne, where better to hunt than at Clothes Show Live? That's exactly what Danielle Chin did this week - not because she's a crazy Cara fan, but because she's Booker of New Faces at Select Model Management. This year is her third time scouting at the Clothes Show so she certainly knows what to look for. We speak to the lady herself...

Grazia Daily: What are your tips for girls looking to get scouted?

Danielle Chin: Fresh clean hair and no make up is very important for me I wouldn’t suggest wearing heels because we can always tell a girls height even if they have 5 inch heels on and also your feet will hurt walking around the clothes show and a girl limping with painful feet is not a great look! I personally love the girls with the gap tooth, big bushy eyebrows and sticky out ears which is quite an editorial look. It is great though because those are the girls that usually think they will never get scouted, so seeing their surprise and expression is lovely! I do also really appreciate the beauty in the commercial look where the girls are just absolutely stunning and you think to yourself ‘wow, that is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen’.

Grazia Daily: Do you look for specific trends when scouting, like bold eyebrows?

Danielle Chin: Part of working in new faces is also about looking at the trends within the fashion industry and how our models can work with what is trending at the moment. Not only do we look at what is trending but Select are known for setting trends like new hair styles, a prominent feature like eyebrows, style etc. If a girl has it, she just has it!

Grazia Daily: The Clothes Show Live is celebrating its 25th anniversary - is it getting better each time?

Danielle Chin: This year has been fantastic for scouting. Every time I find it more fantastic and impressive. It’s great to see people buying, shopping and just loving the event. There are so many girls from all over the country in one space and you really get a taste of great British talent.

Grazia Daily: After scouting at Clothes Show Live for 5 days how do you stay motivated?

Danielle Chin: As a new face booker looking for the next big name and top model is so exciting. You never know because the next Sam Rollinson and Charlotte Wiggins may be in this very room. You are exhausted after 5 days but knowing that you could spot the next cover star of Italian Vogue is thrilling!


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